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Division of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Department of Physics
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


University Campus
Zographou 157 84


Telephone: +30-210-7276907
Fax: +30-210-7276987

My professional activity is summarized in my CV.  A brief description is given below.


I have worked on a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from formal questions in field theory, to phenomenology of particle physics and cosmology. My published work addresses questions on:

  • Phase transitions and the exact renormalization group
  • Beyond the Standard Model physics
  • Dark matter and dark energy
  • Inflation and supersymmetry
  • Phase diagram of QCD and heavy ion collisions
  • Brane physics (phenomenology and cosmology)
  • Inhomogeneous cosmology
  • Applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence

A list of my publications, as well as a citation summary, can be obtained from INSPIRE. My most cited works are on the exact renormalization group, leptogenesis, and cosmology in theories with extra dimensions. 

My current research interests include the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the calculation of the nonlinear spectrum of the distribution of matter in the Universe and the stability of the electroweak vacuum.


Sample talks



At the University of Athens I am currently teaching:

  • Elementary Particles I
  • Elementary Particles (graduate course)

I have also taught:

  • Advanced quantum mechanics (graduate course)
  • Classical theory of  fields (graduate course)
  • Mathematical methods of physics II
  • Nuclear physics lab sessions

At the University of Crete I have taught:

  • Physics I and II for engineers
  • General relativity (graduate course)
  • Cosmology (graduate course)


Doctoral students

  • Aris Katsis
  • Eleftheria Tzavara (graduation: October 2009)
  • Nikolaos Brouzakis (graduation: October 2008)