Biography EDUCATION  (1970) BSc. School of Physics and Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. (1980) MSc. Physics Department, Victoria University of Manchester, UK (Polymer Dynamics in the Glass - Rubber Region Using Photon             Correlation Spectroscopy). (1983) PhD. Physics Department, Victoria University of Manchester UK. (Low Frequency Raman Scattering from Amorphous Polymers). LANGUAGES Greek, fluent English, fluent German, moderate French, moderate AFFILIATIONS Solid State and Material Science Physics, Greece. (Past) Society of Physics, Greece (Past) Institute of Physics, UK (Past) Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, Germany (Past) Parapsychological Association (Present) PUBLICATIONS (selection) MATERIAL SCIENCE The study of structure and physical properties of materials, such as amorphous and crystalline polymers and their solutions, composites of polymers with solgels and semiconductors, by Laser Raman Spectroscopy and Differential Scanning Calorimetry. (1974) Etude des Dimensions Moleculaires des Polymers Dissous dans des Melanges Binaires de Solvants Polaires et non Polaires I. Polyvinyl-2-Pyridine F.Vira, K.Viras, F.Aroni et A.Dondos. Europ.Polym.J., 10, 891-896. (1984) Low Frequency Excitation in Amorphous Acrylic Polymers. F.Viras and T.A.King, Polymer, 25, 899-905. (1984) Low Frequency Excitations in Amorphous Polycarbonate Studied by Raman Spectroscopy. F.Viras and T.A.King, Polymer, 25, 1411-1414. 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MULTIFRACTAL ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX PROCESSES The fractal and multifractal characteristics of complex processes are studied through the Rescaled Range Analysis, Detrended Fluctuation Analysis, Average Wavelet Coefficient Analysis and Entropy in Natural Time Analysis. (1999) A Rescaled Range Analysis of Random Events, F. Pallikari, E. Boller, J. Scientific Exploration, 13(1), 25-40. (2001) A Study of the Fractal Character in Electronic Noise Processes, F. Pallikari, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 12, 1499-1507, doi:10.1016/S0960-0779(00)00167-3  (2002) A Random Walk in a Flat Universe, F. Pallikari. In R. L. Amoroso, G. Hunter, M. Kafatos and J-P Vigier (eds). Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale, 95-102. (2006) Markov Memory in Multifractal Natural Processes, N. Papasimakis, F. Pallikari, Fractal 2006. In Complexus Mundi. Emergent Patterns in Nature, Miroslav N. Novak (editor). World Scientific Publishing Co. 53-62.  (PowerPoint Presentation) (2006) Multifractal Character of Surface Latent Heat Flux. N. Papasimakis, G. Cervone, F. Pallikari,M. Kafatos. Physica A, 371 (2), 703- 718. (2008) Markovian Memory Embedded in Two-State Natural Processes, Fotini Pallikari, Nikitas Papasimakis, (2009) Breakdown of Long-Range Correlations in Heart Rate Fluctuations During Meditation. Papasimakis, N., & Pallikari, F. arXiv: Biological Physics. (2010) Nikitas Papasimakis, Fotini Pallikari, Correlated and uncorrelated heart rate fluctuations during relaxing visualization, EPL (Europhysics Letters), 90,  48003. FOUNDATIONS OF QUANTUM THEORY AND CONSCIOUSNESS      The effect of observation on the outcomes of a stochastic process is typically treated by quantum         theory. The fractal and other statistical characteristics of appropriately sampled electronic noise          under physophysical conditions, examines the role of consciousness in shaping physical reality. (1991) Biological Utilisation of Quantum Nonlocality. B D Josephson and F Pallikari-Viras. Foundations of Physics, 21, 197-207. (1995) Science Fiction or Fact? F. Pallikari-Viras. The Scientific and Medical Network Review, 58, 13-18 (1997) Further evidence for a statistical balancing in probabilistic systems influenced by the anomalous effect of conscious intention. F. Pallikari-Viras, J. Soc. Psych. Res. 62 114-137. (1998) On the Balancing Effect Hypothesis. In N. Zingrone (ed.) Research in Parapsychology 1993, Metuchen N. J. & London: Scarecrow, 101-102. (2003) Must the 'magic' of psychokinesis hinder precise scientific measurement? Fotini Pallikari, J. Consciousness Studies, 10 (6-7), 199- 219. (2004) On the false hypothesis of psi-mediated shift of statistical average in tests with random number generators. Proc. Parapsychological Association Convention, 157-171. (2006) Purported Evidence and Feasible Interpretations of Retrocausation. F. Pallikari: AIP Conference Proceedings FRONTIERS OF TIME: Retrocausation - Experiment and Theory, 863, pp. 316-328. (2009) Fotini Pallikari, “Angelos Tanagras, the Oslo International Parapsychology Congress and the telekinesis of Cleio", Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 73.4 (897), 193-206  (2012) Fotini Pallikari, On the question of wavefunction collapse in a double-slit diffraction experiment, arXiv:1210.0432 [quant-ph], (2015) Fotini Pallikari, Investigating the Nature of Intangible Brain-Machine Interaction, arXiv:1507.02219v1, ( & Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 1(5), 499-508. ( (2016) Fotini Pallikari, The Balancing Effect in Brain-Machine Interaction, arXiv:1602.00808 [q-bio.NC], 14 pages, ( (2016) Fotini Pallikari, Restoring Misconceptions - The balancing Effect in Brain-Machine Interaction. (2016) Fotini Pallikari, Towards an Understanding of Psychokinetic Effects -The Balancing Effect in Brain - Machine Interaction.           Invited lecture at the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Parapsychologie und Grenzbereiche der Wissenschaften 28. Juni          2016. PowerPoint PresentationTranscript of the presentation,Question and Answers session. (2016) Fotini Pallikari, Angelos Tanagras - My Memoirs, The book of Dr. A.Tanagras (1875 - 1971) autobiography in Greek,              (Edited and annotated by Fotini Pallikari) is available at: The Preface of the                     book and the Contents of its four chapters are available also in English at the above address. (2017)  Fotini Pallikari, articles in English based on the ebook “Angelos Tanagras - My Memoirs” are regularly published              at: and also at:        (2017)  Fotini Pallikari, Angelos Tanagras-My Memoirs. A Collection of Short Stories (ISBN: 978-960-93-9605-9)               Reviewed by Tom Ruffles. 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(2021) Fotini Pallikari, Angelos Tanagras. An experiment to test survival. Journal of Anomalistics, (JAnom)  Volume 21,            pp. 223–242.  (See article Neues aus dem Jenseits) LECTURES AND VIDEOS (2021) Fotini Pallikari, Understanding Psychokinesis, (YouTube lecture video), Colloquium by the Institut fürGrenzgebiete             der Psychologie und Psychohygiene, IGPP, Freiburg, November 2nd. (2022) Fotini Pallikari. Understanding Psychokinesis. The short version of the 2021 YouTube video of the IGPP lecture. (2022) Fotini Pallikari. The Double Slit Experiment and the Conscious Observer.