Angelos Tanagras - My Memoirs                                            The works titled «Άγγελος Τανάγρας- Τα απομνημονεύματα μου» and “A Collection of Short Stories” by its creator Fotini Pallikari are distributed under the Creative Commons license: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives, 4.0 International Tanagras (1875-1971) started compiling his memoirs in 1957, when he was already 82 years old. It took him nearly seven years to complete. The book of Tanagras’ memoirs, a collection of short stories embellished by his outstanding literary talent, narrates a life full of adventures in his profession as the Sanitary Inspector of the Royal Navy and as the President and Founder of the Hellenic Society of Psychophysiology (1923- 1957). It even offers space to a brief reminiscing of his romantic relationships both in Greece and abroad. This book, other than a most pleasantly read autobiography, is also an historical document with references related to international events and distinguished personalities. There are many original photos in the book portraying Tanagras’ life and work achievements.  Explanatory endnote references and comments are added throughout the book by its editor Fotini Pallikari. Tanagras’ memoirs book is currently available free of charge only in Greek. It can be downloaded by simply clicking on the associated links here. The book’s Preface and Contents are made available in English and can be directly accessed through their associated links above. Articles in English based on the Tanagras autobiography book and my research on Tanagras, are regularly published online, such as in Facebook and Linkedin platforms. These articles were published in a book titled: Angelos Tanagras - My Memoirs. A Collection of Short Stories , 2017. There are 23 articles in it presenting the life, work and personality of Angelos Tanagras. Angelos Tanagras-My Memoirs Preface Contents Facebook Fotini Pallikari A Collection of Short Stories YouTube Video Pergamos