1. The History of Greek Parapsychology (p. 9) 2. Why the 4th parapsychology convention in 1930 took place in Athens (p. 57) 3. Athens, 1930: The 4th International Parapsychology Congress (p. 59) 4. The first “experimental verification” of the evil eye cast, by the Hellenic Society of Psychophysiology (p. 75) 5. Psychic experiments at the Hellenic SPR (p. 81) 6. Psychometry experiments performed at the Hellenic SPR (p. 83) 7. Tanagras introduces hypnosis in the 1920’s as a form of sensory deprivation to enhance psychic sensitivity (p. 87) 8. Demonstration of the secondary effects of hypnotic suggestion by Angelos Tanagras (p. 93) 9. Poltergeist phenomena in Greece and the telekinetic medium Cleio (p. 97) 10. The films of telekinetic phenomena by medium Cleio (p. 101) 11. The peculiar affair of the famous courtesan, Phryne (p. 105) 12. A test of communication with the dead (p. 111) 13. Testing the survival of soul beyond death (p. 113) 14. Reviving the Pythia oracle in Delphi (p. 131) 15. Tanagras revives the Dionysian mysteries tradition, “Anastenaria”, in Greece (p. 139) 16. “Drossoulites”: The Cretan ghosts of morning dew (p. 145) 17. Discovering the temple of Apollo (p. 149) 18. The (nearly established) chair of Psychophysiology at the University of Athens (p. 153) 19. Angelos Tanagras: A Romantic Scholar (p. 157) 20. Inside the lion cage (p. 183) 21. The first major blow in my life (p. 189) 22. Angelos Tanagras and JB Rhine: A Case of Unfortunate Controversy (p. 193) 23. On the eve of Smyrna occupation in 1922 (p. 223) ISBN: 978-960-93-9605-9 Extras: 24. Tanagras theory of Psychobolia 25.  Sensitivity of the compass needle to an approaching (a) spoon handle, (b) cell phone