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An International Meeting on Seeds and the Environment

Rhodes Island, Greece, April 29 – May 4, 2004


SEED ECOLOGY 2004 is the first thematic, scientific conference devoted exclusively to Seeds and the Environment.

It aims to cover all aspects of Seed Ecology (dispersal, predation, soil and canopy seed banks, ecophysiology of dormancy and germination, seed research issues related to evolution, conservation and ecosystem functioning).




10th International Conference on Mediterranean Climate Ecosystems

Rhodes Island, Greece, April 25 – May 1, 2004

The Conference is devoted to the:

Ecology, Conservation and Management

of the Mediterranean-type ecosystems of the World

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MEDPINE 2, Chania, Crete, Sep. 8-13, 2002

Co-organized by the University of Athens and MAICh


MEDPINE 2, International Conference on Mediterranean Pines, is the second conference in the series after MEDPINE, held in Israel, February 1999.

The general theme of the Conference is:

Conservation, Regeneration and Restoration of Mediterranean Pines

and their Ecosystems.

Main emphasis will be placed on the eu-Mediterranean pine species

Pinus halepensis, P. brutia, P. pinea, P. pinaster and P. nigra.




TREE SEEDS 2002, Chania, Crete, Sep. 11-15, 2002

Co-organized by IUFRO, the University of Athens and MAICh


The 2002 Annual Meeting of IUFRO 2.09.00 ‘Research Group for Seed Physiology and Technology’ will cover all aspects of Tree Seed Science and Technology;. both oral and poster presentations are welcome.

The previous meeting in the series took place in the Philippines, at the Campus of the University of Philippines, Los Banos, April 30 – May 3, 2001.




13th Congress of the

Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology

Heraclion, Greece, 1 - 6 September 2002


Main Subjects

Molecular and physiological aspects pertinent to:

Plant Cellular Biology

Plant developmental Biology

Plant Growth Substances

Uptake and Transport Mechanisms

Biosynthesis of Plant Constituents

Biotic and Abiotic Stress

Metabolic Engineering/Industrial Products

Genomics and Post-Genomics

Molecular Farming

Biotechnological Applications






Sigri, Lesbos, June 18-20, 2001

Conservation of Biological and Natural Resources in the Aegean


In continuation to the first Conference of the series and in order to strengthen the effort of establishing a scientific network on Theophrastus, the Municipality of Eressos-Antissa, Lesbos, organised this 2nd Conference. This time the meeting took place at the premises of the Museum of Natural History, in Sigri, near the site of the well known Petrified Forest of Lesbos. The conference was honoured by the presence and a far-reaching lecture of HAH the Patriarch Bartholomew.





Eressos, Lesbos, July 6-8, 2000

Biodiversity and Natural Heritage in the Aegean


The Municipality of Eressos – Antissa, Lesbos, birthplace of the great Theophrastus, life-long collaborator of Aristotle and pioneer of natural sciences, organised, in collaboration with a group of Greek academics, an International Conference in Eressos. The aim of the Conference was to pay tribute to the founding work in natural sciences and philosophical approach of Theophrastus as well as to study the natural environment in the Aegean. The long-term aim of this first Conference was to establish a program of international cooperation in this field, under the form of regular scientific meetings, an interdisciplinary network and joint research programs.























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