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Costas A. Thanos


Professor of Plant Physiology

Department of Botany, Faculty of Biology,

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece



1. Diploma of Biology (1974, Faculty of Biology, Univ. of Athens, Greece)

2. Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (1980, Faculty of Biology, Univ. of Athens, Greece)

Sabbatical leave (1988-89, Univ. California, Los Angeles,

Lab. Biomedical & Environmental Sciences, Prof. Philip W. Rundel)

Languages: Greek, English, French


Research fields of interest


1.              Seed Biology and Technology

2.              Ecophysiology of Seed Germination and Seedling Establishment

3.              Plant Photobiology - Phytochrome

4.              Postfire Regeneration of Mediterranean Vegetation

5.              Ex situ Plant Conservation and Seed Banks

6.              In situ Conservation of Plants and Habitats

7.              Climate Change Impacts on the Reproductive Physiology and Ecology of Plants

8.              Theophrastus and the History of Plant Science


Address (office): Dept. Botany, Fac. Biology, N.K. Univ. of Athens, Athens 15784, Greece

tel. +30-210-7274655, fax +30-210-7274654, e-mail cthanos[at]