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Ph D Theses





1. A. Skordilis (1992)

Seed germination and seedling development in Pinus halepensis and P. brutia. Physiological and ecological approach

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Mitrakos, K. Georghiou) 1986-1992


2. E.N. Daskalakou (1996)

Ecophysiology of the postfire regeneration of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis)

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Mitrakos, S. Dafis) 1990-1996


3. M.A. Doussi (2000)

Seed ecophysiology in Mediterranean ecosystems - adaptive mechanisms of postfire regeneration

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, M. Arianoutsou) 1993-2000


4. M. Saeed (2000)

Comparative physiology and ecophysiology of reproduction (germination, regeneration, reproductive potential) in selected species of Pinus

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, S. Diamantoglou, K. Georghiou) 1997-2000


5. A. Tsiroukis (2008)

Reproductive biology and ecology of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.)i

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, S. Vergos) 2003-2008


6. C. Fournaraki (2010)

Conservation of threatened plants of Crete - Seed ecology, operation and management of a Gene Bank

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, A. Yannitsaros) 2000-2010


7. P. Panayiotopoulos

Reproductive biology of black pine (Pinus nigra)

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, D. Vokou, K. Georghiou) 1999-


8. K. Koutsovoulou

Adaptive mechanisms of seed germination and ecological-evolutionary relationships in Campanulaceae

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, G. Iatrou) 2005-


9. C. Kounnamas

Germination ecophysiology and climate change impacts in endemic plants of Troodos (Cyprus)

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, H. Flocas) 2008-


10. E. Skourti

Reproductive ecophysiology and conservation biology of the genus Juniperus in Greece

(C.A. Thanos-supervisor, K. Georghiou, T. Constantinidis) 2009-



Member of the supervising committee


1. K. Radea (1991)

Contribution to the ecological study of pine forests in the Aegean islands

(J. Matsakis-supervisor, M. Mylonas, C.A. Thanos) 1986-1991

2. C.C. Kadis (1995)

On the reproductive biology of the strictly protected plants of Cyprus

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, G. Iatrou) 1991-1995

3. P. Delipetrou (1996)

Ecophysiology of seed germination in maritime plants with emphasis on the action of light

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, K. Mitrakos, C.A. Thanos) 1990-1996

4. A.N. Roussis (1996)

Analysis of the regulation of expression of the nodulin genes in soybean and bean

(P. Katinakis-supervisor, K. Holevas, C.A. Thanos) 1992-1996

5. S.D. Papavassiliou (2001)

The role of legumes in post-fire regeneration of Mediterranean forest ecosystems

(M. Arianoutsou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, P. Katinakis) 1991-2001

6. D. Kazanis (2005)

Postfire succession in forests of Pinus halepensis: Patterns in vegetation dynamics

(M. Arianoutsou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, V. Papanastassis) 1994-2005

7. A. Hadjichambis (2005)

Conservation biology of threatened coastal habitats of Cyprus: flora, vegetation, ecology and management

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, P. Dimopoulos) 2000-2005

8. M. Andreou (2010)

Conservation biology of rare plants of Cyprus

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, P. Dimopoulos) 2005-2010

9. E. Chaideftou (2010)

Soil seed banks, plant diversity and grazing in deciduous oak forests of Greece

(P. Dimopoulos-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, A. Gerassimidis) 2003-2010

10. P. Andriopoulos (2011)

Habitat suitability as an ecological parameter for the conservation of priority plant species: the case of Asperula baenitzii Heldr. ex Boiss.

(M. Arianoutsou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, A. Troumbis) 2003-2011

11. E. Ioannidou

Seed biology of endemic, rare and threatened plants of Sterea Hellas

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, B. Galatis) 1996-

12. G. Mantakas

The use of native species for the rehabilitation of vegetation in areas disturbed by mining activities

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, G. Brofas) 1999-

13. N. Makri

Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Mediterranean plants

(K. Georghiou-supervisor, C.A. Thanos, A. Yannitsaros) 2003-