TREE SEEDS 2002, Chania, Crete, Sep. 11-15, 2002

ISSS 2Co-organized by the University of Athens, IUFRO, MAICh and the Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture


                                                            Sponsored by ISSS, the International Society for Seed Science

update of Sep. 21, 2002 ISSS has partially sponsored the participation of 3 ISSS-junior-members;

the awardees are: Maria Doussi (Athens), Jose Faria (Wageningen) and Petros Panayiotopoulos (Athens)


The 2002 Annual Meeting of IUFRO 2.09.00 ‘Research Group for Seed Physiology and Technology’

anim0582took place at MAICh, Chania, Crete, Greece, on Sep. 11-15, 2002.


The previous meeting was held at the Philippines (University of the Philippines, Los Baños), April 30 – May 3, 2001.         !Photo Gallery!


update of Sep. 21, 2002

The 2003 Annual Meeting will take place in Athens, Georgia (USA) – August 11-14, 2003

Contact: Dr Gary Johnson, National Tree Seed Laboratory, USA; email


MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania) is an international, educational and research institute with excellent conference and lodging facilities. It is situated in the suburbs of the second major city of Crete, Chania.


Organizing Scientific Committee

Asc Prof Costas A. Thanos, Univ. Athens, Greece (chair) (

Dr Jack A. Vozzo, Coordinator, IUFRO Seed Physiology and Technology, USA (co-chair)

Asc Prof Enrique L. Tolentino, Univ. Los Baños, the Philippines

Dr Gary Johnson, National Tree Seed Laboratory, USA

Ass Prof Kyriacos Georghiou, Univ. Athens, Greece

Ass Prof Antonis Skordilis, Univ. Thrace, Greece

Dr Maria Doussi, Univ. Athens, Greece

Ms Christina Fournaraki, MAICh, Greece

Mr Vasilios Kasiotakis, Directorate of Forests, Chania, Greece


Scientific Program

The final Program covered several aspects of Tree Seed Science and Technology.

Both oral (25) and poster (30) presentations were offered.


The opening address was delivered by Professor Michalis Dermitzakis, Vice Rector of the University of Athens (click here)



See the final program updated on Sep. 21, 2002                                    FINAL PROGRAMME


Timetable Outline


Wednesday 11 September

Arrival, Registration, Gala Dinner

Thursday 12 September

Sessions (morning), City Tour (afternoon)

Friday 13 September

Excursion day - Samaria gorge (all day)

Saturday 14 September

Visit to the Chania Archaeological Museum - Sessions (morning-afternoon)

Sunday 15 September

Half-day Excursion (morning) – Sessions (afternoon) - Farewell Reception






last update: November 4, 2002




Instructions to Authors

Deadline for submission of Full Manuscripts: April 30, 2002

Deadline for submission of abstracts of posters: June 15, 2002

According to the usual practice of the IUFRO 2.09.00 Research Group, a Book of Proceedings with full papers of both oral and poster contributions was distributed at the Conference opening.




(pdf 5.5 MB)

updated on Sep. 21, 2002


The reference to the Book of Proceedings is:

Thanos C.A., Beardmore T.L., Connor K.F., Tolentino E.L. Jr (editors), 2002

Book of Proceedings, Tree Seeds 2002 (2002 Annual Meeting of IUFRO RG 2.09.00 ‘Research Group for Seed Physiology and Technology’), Chania, Crete, Greece, Sep. 11-15, 2002

University of Athens Publications, Athens, Greece, pp. 215.


LATE Registration Fees: effective as of June 1, 2002 (click for a doc or a pdf form)

Participant fees: 300 EURO – not including the excursion fee (50/55 EURO).

Student fees: 150 EURO (a recommendation letter is required).


Other Meetings


Partly overlapping, MEDPINE 2 (a Conference on Mediterranean Pines) also took place (Sep. 8-13, 2002) and participants who attended both events paid a combined fee of 400 EURO (students 200 EURO).


ISTA Forest Tree and Shrub Committee

(Monday, September 16, 2002, 9.00-13.00)

IPGRI/DFSC Final Workshop on

"Effective conservation and use of intermediate and recalcitrant tropical forest tree seeds"

MAICh, Chania, Crete, 16-19 September 2002

The first session of this meeting was devoted to the ISTA Forest Tree and Shrub Committee

(16th September 2002, 9.00-13.00 hours). For further information please press here.



Reserved by the participants at either the Student Hall of MAICh (at very reasonable prices) or at selected hotels (located at distances ca 10-20 min by taxi or bus from MAICh).

To look at the lodging arrangements and reservations, please press here.



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Please, forward all enquiries to Costas Thanos at or Jack Vozzo at