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My Fieldwork

[Vatera F-site, Lesvos, 1998]

Fieldwork is one of the most essential parts of the study of Earth Sciences. Through fieldwork, experience is gained in first-hand observation, the interpretations of raw data, and the transmitting of your ideas to others. For this reason, I remained active in the field throughout my scientifc career, and never stopped stressing the importance of fieldwork to my students.

My fieldwork falls in two categories: geological mapping (Greece) and palaeontological excavations (Greece, Italy, Philippines). The first category is integrated in my research interest in general geology and stratigraphy, the second category reflects another research interest of me, that of vertebrate palaeontology.

[Geological Mapping] [Palaeontological Excavations]

Geological Mapping

[Sykia Cave at Olympoi, Chios]

Geological map of Ierapetra region, scale 1: 25.000 (1966-69) (M.D. Dermitzakis).
Geological map of Armeni-Chandra region, scale 1: 25.000(1973) (M.D. Dermitzakis & N. Simeonides).
Geological block-diagram of the northern part of Agistri & Metopi islands (1973) (M.D. Dermitzakis & N. Simeonides).
Schematic map of recent distribution of Neogene sedimentation areas of the Mediterranean sensu lato (1976) (M.Dermitzakis, in collaboration ).
Geological map of the island of Zakynthos, scale 1: 50.000 (1978) (M. D. Dermitzakis).
Geological map of Southeastern Zakynthos island, scale 1: 50.000 (1979) (M. D. Dermitzakis, D. Papanikolaou, Z. Karotsieris).
Unconsolidated bottom surface sediments of the Mediterranean and Black Seas (1984) (collaboration of international team of UNESCO: A. Brambati (Italy), S.Varnavas and M. Dermitzakis (Greece), A. Monaco (France), O. Neer (Israel)).
Neogene of the Mediterranean Tethys and Paratethys. Sedimentation areas, scale 1: 1.000.000 (1985) (Editors: F. Steininger, F. Rogl, L. Nevesskaja), (M.D. Dermitzakis for Greece, et al. for other countries. Sediment distribution maps of Aquitanian-Late Egerian-Late Caucasian, of Middle Burdigalian-Late Eggenburgian-Late Sakaraulian, of Late Burdigalian-Karpatian-Kozachurian, of Langhian-Early Badenian-Tarchanian, of Early Serravallian-Middle Badenian-Karaganian, of Middle Serravallian-Late Badenian-Konkian, of Late Serravallian-Early Pannonian-Late Bessarabian, and of Piacenzian-Romanian-Akchagylian.
Geological map and Hydrogeological map of Sykia Olympon Cave of Chios island, scale 1:5.000 (1993) (M.D.Dermitzakis, in coll. with Z. Karotsieris, G. Stergiopoulos).
Geological map and Hydrogeological map of Thrypti-Ierapetra region, scale 1:5.000 (1994) (M.D.Dermitzakis, in coll. with Z. Karotsieris, S. Lozios).
Geological map of Episkopi-Vassiliki region, scale 1:5.000 (1995). (M.D. Dermitzakis, in coll. with Z. Karotsieris, S. Lozios).
Map of lithological phacies along the landing corridor of Vassiliki airport, scale 1:5.000 (1995) (M.D. Dermitzakis).
Map of active faults of Crete scale 1:500.000. Editions of Organization of Seismic Protection (O.A.S.P.) (1996) (M.D.Dermitzakis in coll. with N.Fytrolakis, K. Makropoulos).
Neotectonic Map of Hellas. Zakynthos island, scale 1:5.000 (1997) (M.D. Dermitzakis in coll. with E .Lekkas et al.)
Neotectonic map of the Central and Western part of Lasithion perfecture, scale 1: 100.000 (2001). Editions of the University of Athens (M.D. Dermitzakis in coll. with Z. Karotsieris, S. Lozios).
Management of seismic hazard at the Loutraki municipality (2002). Editions of the University of Athens (M.D. Dermitzakis in coll. with E.Lekkas, X.Kranis, S.Lozios, A.Bakopoulou).

Palaeontological Excavations

[The coastal cave Gerani 2, Crete, 1975]

[Thymiana Keramia, Chios, 2006]

1971-1972 Paleontological excavations at the locality Pikermi, organized by the Museum of Geology and Paleontology of the University of Athens (Dr M.D. Dermitzakis) and the Natural History Museum of Vienna (Prof. H. Zapfe, Prof. F. Bachmayer and Prof. G. Marinos).
1979 Micromammal excavations at the localities of Pikermi, Oropos, Inophyta, Tourkovounia in collaboration with Utrecht University. Director: Dr. H. De Bruijn.
1975 Paleontological excavations in coastal caves of Crete, in collaboration with the University of Utrecht. Directors: Dr. M.D. Dermitzakis and Dr. P.Y. Sondaar.
1977 Paleontological excavations of fossil Proboscidea at Aliveri, Euboea. Director: Dr. M.D. Dermitzakis.
1990-2001 Paleontological excavations of fossil dwarf hippopotamus in Katharo mountain plain, Lasithion, Crete. Director: Prof. M.D. Dermitzakis.
1984-1988 Paleontological excavations in Corbeddu cave, Sardinia, one of the most interesting and important caves of Paleolithic Mediterranean man, organized by the Universities of Utrecht, Rome, Athens. Directors: Dr. P.Y. Sondaar, Prof. T. Kotsakis and Prof. M.D. Dermitzakis.
1994-2001 Paleontological excavations at the locality of Vatera, Lesvos Island. Directors: Prof. M.D.Dermitzakis, Dr. P.Y. Sondaar, J. de Vos.
1993,1994,1998 Paleontological excavations at the coastal caves of Mani, Lakonia, in collaboration with the Anthropological Museum of the University of Athens. Directors, Prof. Th. Pitsios, Prof. M.D. Dermitzakis.
1998-2004 Systematic paleontological excavations in Eastern Crete I) Katharo mountain plain, II) Zakros, Ziros, Xirokampos localities. Director: Prof. M.D.Dermitzakis, in coll. with Ass. Prof. P. Pavlakis.
2005 Paleontological excavations in northern Luzon, Philippines. Director: Dr J. De Vos and Dr A. Batista, in coll. with international working group, including Prof. M.D. Dermitzakis.
2001-2006 Paleontological excavations of Neogene vertebrates of Thymiana Keramia, Komi areas, Chios Island. Director: Prof. M.D.Dermitzakis).

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