Images from My Activities

Othris Ophiolite, Central Greece: With under-graduate students

Underground Research in the Ancient Galleries of Lavrion. Along with Dr. Igor Pekov (University of Moscow)

Field Work in New England, USA. Undergraduate students (right) and Professors John Brady (Smith College, MA, USA), Jack Cheney (Amherst College, MA, USA) and Frank Spear (RPI, NY, USA) (left)

International Field Meeting «Eurogranites 1998» in Greece

Field work along post-graduate students in the Greek Islands of Santorini (left) and Syros (right)

Field work in Ios Island, Greece (on the right Professor Frank Spear, RPI, USA)

International Field Meeting «Eurogranites 2006» in Swiss and French Alps.

Field work in Syros Island, Greece (from the left Jack Cheney (Amherst College, MA, USA), Frank Spear (RPI, NY, USA), John Brady (Smith College, MA, USA) and John Schumacher (Univ. of Bristol, UK)

Athens Academy Award (2003). On the left with K. Stefanopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic, and on the right with G. Skalkeas, President of Athens Academy