Main Research Interests


Geochemistry of Ophiolitic Rocks: Major element, trace element and isotope composition of ophiolitic rocks occurring in Greece.
Petrogenesis of Ophioliic Rocks: Genesis and differentiation processes of Greek ophiolites. Composition, melting and evolution of the Upper Mantle.
Metamorphism of Metabasic Rocks: Metamorphic petrology of rocks from ophiolitic sequences. Geothermometers and geobarometers.
Ophicalcites and Rodingites: Formation, metasomatism, setting of deposition.

New Minerals

Discovery of New Minerals and New Slag Minerals: Crystallographic and mineralogical analyses on newly discovered supergene minerals and slag minerals from Lavrion area.


Petrology of Northern Greece Granitoids: Petrological research on emplacement and petrogenesis of N. Greece granitoids based on Apatite fission-track analyses and on Rb-Sr, Nd-Sm isotopic data.

Volcanic Rocks

Triassic to Tertiary volcanics in Northeastern and Central Greece: Use of petrological, geochemical and mineralogical data for impp cation on the evolution history of tholeiitic metavolcanics in Central Greece and calc-alkaline to shoshonitic volcanics in Thrace.
Quarternary to Recent Volcanism in Southern Greece: Petrology and mineral chemistry for identifying the petrogenetical features of rocks from the South Aegean Volcanic Arc. Hydrothermal venting and actively formed ore deposits. The associated mineral assemblages.

Siliceous Rocks

Origin and Uses of Cherts and Porcellanites from Greece: Siliceous rocks petrology and archeometry of siliceous raw materials and artifacts of Prehistoric era.


Origin and uses of marbles from Southern Greece: Geochemical characteristics in marbles from the Plattenkalk group in Crete and Peloponnese. Marbles used as decorative material and building stones in the past.