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Department of Chemistry

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry

Sector: Polymeric Materials for Microsystems

Margarita Chatzichristidi

Research & Scientific Interests

My research / scientific interests fit into the broad area of Microelectronics and micro/nanotechnologies. In particular, the use of lithographic processes based on photosensitive polymeric materials for fabrication of novel Microsystems with a wide range of applications.My scientific activity can be divided in the following areas:

Basic Lithographic Scheme

Acid-Sensitive Semiperfluoroalkyl Resorcinarene on glass exposed with optical lithography  and  on Si wafer under e-beam.

J.K. Lee, M. Chatzichristidi et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc.  130, 11564–11565, (2008)

Top and cross-sectional views of a 400nm  porous membrane fabricated to be used as a cell culture substrate

G. Shayan et al.,  Tissue Eng. C, 18 (9) (2012)

Contrast curve patterns of CuO/PMMA nano-composites as e-beam resist materials.

G. Geka et al., Nanomaterials , 11(3),  762 (2021)

Fluorescence microscope from silicon wafers coated with  PFMA homopolymer and PFMA:VBGE 1:1 copolymer after incubation with biotinylated BSA and reaction with AlexaFluor546 labelled streptavidin (the left area is the unexposed area of the film and on the right is the exposed).

A. Nika et al. , Polymers 15, 493 (2023)

Surface modification for bio-applications

Fluorescence images obtained from surfaces reacted with 5-FAM-azide after modification with: EPRmed/ rabbit IgG reacted with sulfo-NHS-DBCO for 2 h, and 24 h

Vrettou et al. Surfaces and Interfaces 36, 102500, (2023)

Lithographic materials for specific attachment of biomolecules and cells

Fluorescence microscopy images of smooth muscle cells adherent after 1-day culture on photopatterned: PEG-b-PTHPMA 43-57 diblock copolymer films with a stripe pattern of 25-μm.

D. Kourti et al.,  Macromol. Biosci. 23, 2200301(2023)

Metal oxides and Polymer nanocomposites with MO

SEM images of the hydrothermally-grown (a) flame-like CuO nanostructures and nanosheets/nanopetal-like NiO.

V. Constantoudis et al., Micro and Nano Engineering 16, 100148 (2022)

Fabrication of novel devices using non- conventional lithography

Protein Patterning using multi-cycle lithography.

M. Chatzichristidi et al., Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 950, D15-15 (2007)

Fabrication of microsystems using conventional lithographic patterning methods

Design and characterization of materials suitable for organic electronics

Film Thickness: 12μm

Line width: 280nm, Aspect ratio:42

M. Chatzichristidi et al., Microel. Eng. 85  945–948 (2008)


Dynamic response of the polymer coated sensor array upon exposure to (a) vapors of pure analytes (2000 ppm, 3000 ppm and 4000 ppm of ethanol, methanol, water and ethyl acetate vapors) and 8–16% relative humidity at 21 °C

A. Nika et al., Microelectronic Engineering 227, 111304 (2020)

Fluorescence microscope images of biotinylated BSA immobilized hrough physical adsorption onto spots with 2 μm diameter. The protein has been immobilized after the development of the photoresist.

F. Machairiots et al., Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 178, 208 (2019)