BOSS Project

Blazar Optical Sky Survey

An international observing program that investigates quasi-periodic oscillations of blazars in optical wavelengths

BOSS Project

Blazar Optical Sky Survey (BOSS) Project is a monitoring program, initiated on April 2013 by Dr. Kosmas Gazeas at the University of Athens. It aims at monitoring the optical variability on active Blazars, in parallel with other multi-wavelength observations obtained from space and ground-based observatories.

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The project involves colleagues from different institutes around the world. Their expertise, scientific background, as well as the available telscope facilities provide the necessary knowledge and support, that guarantees a succesful research.

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Involved Observatories

Telescopes all around the world are involved in the project. BOSS Project will provide long-term and continuous monitoring of blazars from ground locations, which will be combined with high-energy space detectors.

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