CoBiToM Project

Contact Binaries Towards Merging

An international observing program that investigates merging processes and seeks for red nova progenitors among contact binaries

CoBiToM Project

The Contact Binaries Towards Merging (CoBiToM) Project is a programme that focuses on contact binaries and multiple stellar systems, as a key for understanding stellar nature. The goal is to investigate stellar coalescence and merging processes, as the final state of stellar evolution of low-mass contact binary systems.

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CoBiToM Team

The project involves colleagues from different institutes around the world. Their expertise, scientific background, as well as the available telscope facilities provide the necessary knowledge and support, that guarantees a succesful research.

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Involved Observatories

Telescopes all around the world are involved in the project. CoBiToM Project will provide long-term and continuous monitoring of contact binaries from several ground locations. The data acquisition provides multicolour imaging in BVRI bands, using one site and one instrument for each target, in order to avoid any systematic effect between instrumental calibration and/or spectral mismatch.

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