National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geoenvironment
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 Efstratios Kelepertzis
 Assistant Professor

Teaching and Lab Activities


Undergraduate courses

  • Environmental Geology (mandatory)
  • Geochemistry (mandatory)
  • Environmental Geochemistry (optional)
  • Hydrogeochemistry (optional)
  • Analytical and Isotopic Geochemistry (optional)

Postgraduate courses

  • Risk assessment of pollution
  • Geochemistry Special Issues

Delivery of lectures (postgraduate students)

  • Agricultural University of Athens (Course: Environmental Geology-Geochemistry)
  • University of Thessaly (Course: Pollution, protection and management of aqueous ecosysterms)

Supervision of PhD Thesis

  • Konstantinos Georgiou (in progress). Environmental and geochemical research in surface sediments of Pagasitikos gulf and the effects to the environment (advisor committee)

Supervision of Master Thesis

Supervision of undergraduate dissertations


My lab work is represented by experience on diverse activities including:  

  • processing and treatment of geochemical samples prior to analytical measurements
  • physicochemical characterization of soils and waters
  • preparation of analytical extraction solutions. Dissolution of geochemical phases in soils and sediments by chemical reagents targeting to release trace elements from their host components
  • operation of the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy instrument (flame and graphite furnace modes). This incorporates the preparation of standard solutions and calibration of the instrument for chemical determinations of trace elements in geochemical solutions
  • operation of the Scanning Electron Microscopy–Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (SEM-EDS) instrument for semi-quantitative chemical analyses of mineral phases in rock and soil samples
  • determination of crystalline minerals by X-ray diffraction
  • operation of analytical apparatus like flame photometer (Jenway PFP7) and spectrophotometer (Hach DR 4000) for the determination of major ions in waters