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Polymers are widely used advanced materials, which are found in almost every material used in our daily life. To date, the importance of polymers has been highlighted due to their diverse applications in science, technology and industry, from basic uses to biopolymers and therapeutic polymers.  Our main research interest is to synthesize, characterize and study the properties of smart polymeric and hybrid materials with defined macromolecular architecture for many applications, including drug and gene delivery, cancer therapy, energy-batteries, microelectronics and nanotechnology. The aim of our Graduate program “POLYMER SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS IN INDUSTRY” is to educate students to meet the challenges related to polymer science and technology. The experience of the participating scientists as well as the state of the art instrumentation in our Laboratory provide the best possible education for our students.The success of our Graduate program is reflected in our students who have found positions as Professors in Universities in the USA and Europe, as well as in Research and Development and Quality Control divisions of Pharmaceutical and other Industries. JOIN US!!!

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It is possible to apply for a Master’s Thesis now. Application and requirements can be found here

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