National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Semiconductor and Microsystems Laboratory Solid State Physics Section Department of Solid State Physics Department of Solid State Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Athens University of Athens, School of Science, Faculty of Physics, Department of Solid State Physics, Contact, Maps Penepistimiopolis Zografos, Athens 15784 | Phone: +30 210 7276-722 | Fax: +30 210 7276-711 Introduction The Semiconductor and Microsystems Laboratory belongs to Department of Solid State Physics  of the Faculty of Physics, National and Kapodi- strian University of Athens (NKUA). The laboratory is actively involved in research and education. The re- search interests cover a wide spectrum of topics in Electrical and Optical properties of Condensed Matter with emphasis to Semiconductors, Semi- conductor Devices as well as Microsystems including Micro-Electro-Me- chanical Systems (MEMS). It supports the post graduate program in Material Physics of the Solid State Physics Section of Faculty of Physics and the interdisciplinary pro- gram in Microelectronics. In the context of the post graduate program it offers training in IR Spectroscopy and Electrical Characterization of semi- conducting materials and devices. The research activities of the laboratory are devided in two major catego- ries. the “Infrared Spectroscopy of Point Defects” and the “Electrical and Optoelectronic Properties - Aging Mechanisms in Devices”.