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Correlation and Dependence Analysis on Cyberthreat Alerts
J.Bothos, K-G.Thanos, D.M.Kyriazanos, G.Vardoulias, A.Zalonis, E.Papadopoulou, Y.Corovesis, S.C.A.Thomopoulos
ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries, Special Issue No. 1, February 2018

On the use of Radio Environment Maps for Interference Management in Heterogeneous Networks
J.Perez-Romero, A.Zalonis, L.Boukhatem, A.Kliks, K.Koutlia, N.Dimitriou, R.Kurda
IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 53, issue 8, August 2015

Technical advances in the design and deployment of future heterogeneous networks
A.Kliks, J.Perez-Romero, L.Boukhatem, A.Zalonis
Editorial article in EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2015, 2015:153, June 2015

Resource Management in Cognitive Radio Networks
N.Dimitriou, A.Barnawi, A.Zalonis and A.Polydoros
Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks, Old City Publishing, Volume 24, 2015

Trends in Adaptive Modulation and Coding
A.Zalonis, N.Miliou, I.Dagres, A.Polydoros and H.Bogucka
Advances in Electronics and Telecommunications, Volume 1, April 2010

PHY abstraction methods for OFDM and NOFDM systems
A.Kliks, A.Zalonis, I.Dagres, A.Polydoros and H.Bogucka
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology, No. 3, 2009

Flexible Radio: a Framework for Optimized Multimodal Operation via Dynamic Signal Design
I.Dagres, A.Zalonis, N.Dimitriou, K.Nikitopoulos and A.Polydoros
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2005:3, 284-297, Special issue on Reconfigurable Radio for future generation wireless systems, August 2005

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DICE: Digital Immersive Cultural Environment in Education and Collaborative Working
S.C.A. Thomopoulos, A. Doulgerakis, M. Bessa, K. Dimitros, B. Evangelinou, G. Farazis, E. Georgiou, T. Kanellos, C. Karafylli, M. Karafylli, D.M. Kyriazanos, V.I.Kountouriotis, V. Lampropoulos, C. Margonis, C. Maroglou, D. Motos, A. Papagianni, M. Paterakis, D. Polyzos, K. Skroumpelou, G. Konstandinos Thanos, I. Theodorou, C.P. Thomopoulos, P. Tsimpiridis, D. Zacharakis, A.Zalonis
MRA International Conference, Los Angeles, USA, May 2016

FlySec: a risk-based airport security management system based on security as a service concept
D.M.Kyriazanos, O.E.Segou, A.Zalonis, S.C.A.Thomopoulos
SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, April 2016

Context-Aware Radio Resource Management in HetNets
N.Dimitriou, A.Zalonis, A.Polydoros, A.Kliks and O.Holland
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2014) - FutureHetNets Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey, April 2014

An integrated view of CRS architecting
A.Zalonis and A.Polydoros
ACROPOLIS 3rd Annual Workshop on "Advanced Coexistence Technologies for Radio Resource Usage Optimisation, London, UK, Sept. 2013

WiFi Traffic Offloading for Energy Saving
A.Kliks, N.Dimitriou, A.Zalonis, O.Holland
International Conference on Telecommunications 2013 (ICT 2013), Casablanca, Morocco, May 2013

A Context-Aware Decision Making Framework for Cognitive and Coexisting Networking Environments
D.Triantafyllopoulou, K.Moessner, A.Kliks, H.Bogucka, A.Zalonis, I.Dagres, N.Dimitriou and A.Polydoros
Proceedings of the 2013 19th European Wireless Conference (EW), Guildford, UK, April 2013

Interference Management in heterogeneous wireless networks based on context information
A.Kliks, A.Zalonis, N.Dimitriou, J.Nasreddine, F.Li, Y.Ko
International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2012), Paris, France, Aug. 2012

Femtocell Downlink Power Control based on Radio Environment Maps
A.Zalonis, N.Dimitriou, A.Polydoros, J.Nasreddine, P.Mahonen
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2012), Paris, France, April 2012

Interference management in two-tier femtocell networks
A.Zalonis, N.Dimitriou, J.Nasreddine, Y.Ko, A.Kliks
1st Annual Workshop on "Advanced coexistence technologies for radio resource usage optimisation", Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 2011

Assessment of Radio Resource Management schemes for IMT.ADV OFDMA systems
A.Zalonis, I.Dagres, N.Dimitriou, G.Dainelli, M. Moretti
Joint NEWCOM++ WPR8/9 workshop, Bologna, Italy, Nov. 2010

Bit-Power Loading Algorithms Based on Effective SINR Mapping Techniques
I.Dagres, A.Polydoros, A.Zalonis, A.Kliks and N.Miliou
21st Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC 2010), Istanbul, Turkey, Sept. 2010

Distributed Radio Resource Allocation Schemes in OFDMA Cellular Networks
G.Dainelli, M.Moretti, A.Zalonis, and N.Dimitriou
Future Network & Mobile Summit 2010, Florence, Italy, June 2010

Distributed Subcarrier Allocation Schemes for OFDMA Multiple Access Systems
A.Zalonis, N.Dimitriou, G.Dainelli, M.Moretti
Proc. of Joint COST2100/NEWCOM++ WPR.8 Workshop "Radio Resource Allocation for LTE", Vienna, Austria, Sept. 2009

PHY abstraction methods for OFDM and NOFDM systems
A.Zalonis, I.Dagres, A.Polydoros, A.Kliks and H.Bogucka
12th National Symposium of Radio Science (URSI),Warsaw, Poland, June 2009

Flexible Radio: A PHY-Layer Constrained-Optimization Perspective
A.Polydoros, I.Dagres and A.Zalonis
Signal Processing for Space Communications (SPSC 2006), ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sep. 2006

Dynamic Signal Design Optimization as a Flexible Radio paradigm
A.Polydoros, I.Dagres, N.Dimitriou and A.Zalonis
Wireless World Research Forum - WWRF15 Meeting, Paris, France, Dec. 2005

Flexible-Radio: A General Framework with PHY-layer algorithm-design insights
I.Dagres, A.Zalonis and A.Polydoros
EUROCON 2005, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, Nov. 2005

An Efficient Adaptive Space Time Coding Scheme for MIMO-OFDM Systems
I.Dagres, A.Zalonis and A.Polydoros
IST Mobile and Wireless Telecommunications Summit 2005, Dresden, Germany, June 2005

Attributes of Real Time Intelligence in Flexible Radios
A.Zalonis, I.Dagres and A.Polydoros
Proceedings of COST 289 Seminar on Spectrum and Power Efficient Broadband Communications, Budapest, Hungary, July 2004

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Book Chapters:

Traffic Offloading Scenarios for Heterogeneous Networks
A.Kliks, N. Dimitriou, A.Zalonis, O.Holland
"Design and Deployment of Small Cell Networks", A. Anpalagan, M. Bennis, R. Vannithamby (editors), Cambridge University Press, December 2015

Heterogeneous and opportunistic wireless networks
J.Perez-Romero, S.Palazzo, L.Galluccio, G.Morabito, A.Leonardi, C.Anton-Haro, E.Arikan, G.Asheid, M.Belleville, I.Dagres, D.Dardari, M.Dohler, Y.Eldar, S.Gezici, L.Giupponi, C.Guillemot, G.Iosifidis, M.Kieffer, M.Kountouris, M.Luise, G.Masera, J.Matamoros, N.Miliou, D.Morche, C.Moy, C.Navarro, G.Olmo, J.Palicot, R.Pedone, V.Ramakrishnana, S.Shamai, P.Tyczka, L.Vandendorpe, A.Vanelli-Coralli, C.Weidmann, A.Zalonis
"The Newcom++ Vision Book - Perspectives of Research on Wireless Communications in Europe", S. Benedetto, L.M. Correia, M. Luise (editors), Springer, 2012

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