Research interests
Environmental geochemistry focusing on the study of geochemical behaviour of potentially harmful elements in different environments
and the quantification of measurement uncertainty - a horizontal theme that applies in all research topics.

Research topics and recent projects

-Contamination and water resource management

CrITERIA- "Cr(VI) Impacted water bodies in the Mediterranean: Transposing management options for Efficient water Resources use through an Interdisciplinary approach"
Funded by EU & The General Secretariat of Research and Technology - Programme "ERANETMED"/ ESPA 2016-2019 (leader for NKUA)
Project leader: Prof. D. Dermatas, NTUA

-Environmental impact assessment of mining activities

"Mobility of toxic elements in the soil of Stratoni mining area, N. Greece"
Funded by the University of Athens - Programme "Kapodestrias 2004-2005" (project leader)

"Supergene erosion processes and environmental impact assessment of sulphide ore (Cu-FeS2) in Cyprus:
Acid mine drainage control methodology"
Funded by SARG National University of Athens (2011-2012) (project participant)

"Evaluation and control of self-heating in sulphide tailings of Lavrion, Greece"
Funded by Municipality of Lavreotiki (2011-2012)
Project leader: Prof. N. Skarpelis, University of Athens

"Groundwater and soil contamination by As and Sb in areas of sulfide mineralization,
NW Chios Island & Melivia Larissa, Greece"
Funded by EU & The General Secretariat of Research and Technology - Programme "PENED 2003"
Project leader: Prof. A. Kelepertsis, Uni. of Athens

-Baseline geochemistry of soil and water

"Risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in stream water and sediment
at Asprolakkas basin, N. Greece"
Funded by the University of Athens - Programme "Kapodestrias 2008-2009" & Hellas Gold S.A. (project leader)

"Geochemical and hydrogeological characteristics for the protection of Greek coastal zones:
a GIS study of environmental factors"
Funded by the EU Social Fund & The Greek Ministry of Education- Programme "EPEAEK II: ARCHEMIDES"
Project leader: Prof. I. Georgoudis, TEI Peirea

-Green minerals

"Laboratory scale study of GEOHELLAS S.A. clay products for environmental applications"
Funded by GEOHELLAS S.A. (2012-2013) (project leader)

"Development of methodology for organic sludge treatment by attapulgitic clay"
Funded by Municipality of Thira Island (2011-2012) (project leader)

"Application of attapulgite clay for stabilisation of heavy metals in soil"
Funded by the University of Athens - Programme "Kapodestrias 2006-2007" & Edafomichaniki S.A. (project leader)

-Urban geochemistry

"Geochemical and environmental characteristics of urban soils in Athens focusing on the mobility and human bioaccessibility of toxic chemical elements"
Funded by John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation "Scientific Projects 2013" (project leader)

See here an audioslides overview of the relevant publication in the Science of the Total Environment :

You can follow our research on "Geochemistry of Athens Soil" (GEO-ASty project) by using the Link to GEO-ASty website

Supervision of PhD students
1. Kypritidou Z. (completed 2019) "Geochemical processes during the stabilization of potentially toxic elements in contaminated soil by using mineral amendments"
research partially funded by Geohellas S.A./ student funded by a IKY- ESPA scholarship scheme

2. Pyrgaki K. (started November 2016) "Integrated water use efficiency of CrVI impacted water systems"
funded under the ERANETMED- CrITERIA project

3. Kourgia P. (started 2015) "Environmental fate of potentially toxic elements in urban soil and sediment, focusing on surface run off"
funded by Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation PhD Scholarship.