• Algèbres d'Opérateurs et Représentations (Jussieu, Paris)

  • Some Operator Algebras conferences (from Narutaka Ozawa)

  • Operator Algebras Searchable Information Stack

  • Operator algebraists worldwide

  • European Mathematical Society

  • Hilbert C*-Modules Home Page maintained by Michael Frank


    Oxford Univ. Press Mathematics Journals
    Mathematische Annalen
    Documenta Mathematica
    Documenta Mathematica Archive
    American Mathematical Society Journals Program
    Journal of Functional Analysis
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
    Studia Mathematica
    Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
    The Journal of Operator Theory Home Page
    Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society


    Mathematics ArXiv
    FA Functional Analysis
    OA Operator Algebras
    Topology Atlas (Archive)

    Polish Virtual Mathematical Library Publications of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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