CreteLing 2022 Summer School in Linguistics

(Material to Intermediate Semantics, co-taught with Rajesh Bhatt)



Dienstag 12:00 – 13:00 und nach Vereinbarung per email.


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Some Previous Events

§   Semantics in Athens III, 2019

§   Music and Language 2019 (Megaro Mousikis)

§   CreteLing 2019: The 3rd Crete Summer School of Linguistics
(with Rajesh Bhatt: Intermediate semantics)

§   CreteLing 2018 (my course: Order and interpretation)

§   Semantics in Athens II, 2017

§   CreteLing 2017 (my course: Architecture of the grammar and the syntax-semantics interface)

§   Generative Syntax in the 21st Century, 2015 (s.a. comments by N. Hornstein and G. Ramchand)

§   Semantics in Athens I, 2014


Other activities

Open LETTER in The Guardian and Der Standard on why Austrian refugee politics is wrong, cruel and dishonest, by Marion Hoffmann (former representative of UNHCR), Regine Wiesinger (German School, Athens) and Winfried Lechner.

Postscript 2018: Sebastian Kurz, the initiator of the Austrian refugee politics, is the current Chancellor of Austrian, in a coalition government with the ultra right wing FPÖ. Even though member of a so-called ‘Christian’ conservative party, he and his government still pursue an inhuman immigration policy, e.g. by expelling juvenile, fully integrated refugees - or by extraditing gay adolescents to Afghanistan, where the penalty for same-sex sexual activities is execution. This stance is hard to reconcile with the fact that Vienna was voted the world’s top city for quality of life multiple times since 2018.