Theoretical Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Nuclear and Particle Physics Section, Department of Physics, University of Athens





















Reasearch interests

Extensions of Standard Model based on Supersymmetry and Supergravity (SUSY and SUGRA), Astroparticle physics and supersymmetric Dark Matter models, Detection of Dark Matter, collider phenomenology. Phenomenological and cosmological implications of models inspired by string theory.


  ● Supersymmetric models of particle physics and cosmological applications

  ● Supergravity and cosmological data

  ● f(R) supergravity and cosmological applications

  ● Supersymmetric dark matter and related phenomenology

  ● Phenomenology of particle physics models in accelerator experiments

  ● Extra dimension models

Group members

Athanasios Lahanas, Professor Emeritus

George Diamandis, Associate Professor

Vasilis Georgalas, Associate Professor

Vassilis Spanos, Associate Professor

  Ioannis Gialamas, Research Associate

  Kostas Kaskavelis, PhD student

  George Pavlopoulos, PhD student