Maria Papatriantafillou

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

University of Athens


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Some personal information


Postal address: University of Athens, Department of Mathematics, Panepistimiopolis, GR-157 84 Athens, Greece

Phone: ++ 210 7276349



research interests: Differential Geometry of infinite dimensional manifolds, Geometry of non smooth spaces



Short curriculum vitae


Date/Place of Birth: 27 October 1955, Athens

Marital Status: Married to Efstathios Vassiliou. One child

Private Address: 24 Aristarchos Str., Argyroupolis, 164 51 Athens, Greece



B.Sc. (Mathematics) 1978, University of Athens

Ph.D. (Mathematics) 1986, University of Athens


Reviewer of

Mathematical Reviews

Zentralblatt fur Mathematik


Foreign Languages

English and French. Elementary knowledge of Italian, German and Russian





research articles


Methods of differentiation in topological ${\Bbb A}$-modules. Bull. Soc. Math. Gr\`ece (N.S.) 27 (1986), 95-110 (MR: 89c:46066)

Finsler structures on ${\Bbb A}$-bundles. Math. Nachr. 130 (1987), 75-85 (MR: 89d:58013)

Translation invariant topologies on commutative $*$-algebras. Period. Math. Hungar. 23 (1991), no. 3, 185-193 (MR: 93d:46091)

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A Serre-Swan theorem for bundles of topological modules. Math. Nachr. 156 (1992), 297-305 (MR: 94j16075)

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The de Rham complex in function spaces. N.Artemiadis - N.Stefanidis Editors, Proc. 4th Intern. Congress of Geometry, (Thessaloniki, 1996), 336-345, Thessaloniki, 1997 (MR: 98i:58009)

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Initial and final differential structures. International Conference on Tpological algebras and Applications (ICTAA) 2000, 115-123, Publ. \'Ecole Norm. Sup., Rabat (Maroc), 2004.


Homotopy classification of module bundles via Grassmannians (preprint)

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