Konstantinos Sfetsos

Research Interests

String theory, field Theory and quantum gravity, Group's page


  • Gauge/Gravity correspondence
  • Non-perturbative aspects of gauge and field theories
  • Dualities in string and field theories
  • Low-energy effective supergravities of superstrings and M-theory
  • Fundamental aspects of black-hole physics and cosmology
  • Conformal field theories and integrable systems

Short Bio

A three page CV

Postdoctoral fellows/researchers & PhD, Master & Diploma students (in Greek)


  • Diploma in Physics (4 year degree), University of Patras, Greece, 1983-87
  • Department of Mathematics, Mathematical Physics Section, VPI, USA, 1987-88
  • Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics, USC, Los Angeles, USA, 1988-93
Research Positions:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, ITP, Univ. of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1993-96
  • CERN Fellow, 1997-99
  • Maitre-assistant, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, 1999-2002

Military service, 1996-97

Academic Positions:

  • University of Patras, Department of Engineering Sciences, Greece,
    Associate Professor (2002-05) and Professor (2006-13)
  • Professor & Group leader, University of Surrey,
    Department of Mathematics, UK, 2012-13
  • Professor, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens,
    Department of Physics, Greece, 2014-
  • Hellenic Open University, 2006-present
  • CERN Associate

Research Activity

Προς υποψήφιους φοιτητές/τριες (Διπλωματικές, Διδακτορικό)

Lecture Notes in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Κβαντομηχανική (3ο έτος, μέρος ΙΙ)

Μαθηματικές μέθοδοι (3ο & 4ο έτος)

Classical Electrodynamics

Group theory (3rd & 4th year students)

Conformal Field Theory (4th year and Master students)