Kostas Mylonas


in "Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology"


Faculty of Psychology

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens



Organizer of Scientific Symposia

         as Secretary General of the Hellenic Association of Psychological Hygiene and Neyropsychiatry of the Child

         as Member of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Education for the Creative, Gifted, and Talented Children and Adolescents

         as Scientific Coordinator of the Cross-Cultural Psychology Branch of the Hellenic Psychological Association (ELPSE)


      Organizer of 11 Scientific Symposia (up to 2008)


2008 onwards

      Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Becoming a European: Cultural Adaptation and Culture Learning of Erasmus Program Exchange Students

      Organizer (Scientific Symposium): Holistic Education for Gifted Students

      Organizer (Scientific Symposium): Talent: Dimensions and Conditions for its Development

      Organizer (Scientific Symposium): The Cross-Cultural Dimension: Research and Application in Greece


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