books and notes (in Greek)


Introduction to the geometry of infinite-dimensional fibre bundles. Monograph, University of Athens (1982), pp. xiv+210 (in Greek).

Linear differential equations on manifolds. An annotated inter-seminar translation into Greek of the Russian monograph, under the same title,
 by S. Krein and N. Jackin (Voronez Univ. 1980), University of Athens (1984), pp. viii+164.

Principal bundles, connections and equations with total differentials: a geometric approach to the theorem of Floquet-Liapunov.
Monograph, University of Athens (1986), pp. ix+113 (in Greek).

Lecture notes on linear geometry (with J. Arachovitis) University of Athens (1987), pp. 98 (in Greek).

Introduction to projective geometry. Kardamitsa Publ., Athens (1989), pp. xiii+246 (in Greek).

Lecture notes on differential geometry (theory of Manifolds and Lie groups) (with M. Papatriantafillou). New edition (2008),
University of Athens ,
pp. 158 (in Greek).

Differential geometry: a graduate course (with M. Papatriantafillou). Lecture notes, University of Athens (1994), Vol. I: pp. 120,
Vol. II: pp. 95 (in Greek). New edition ( in LaTeX format) as Geometry of fibre bundles: University of Athens (2007),  pp. 232 (in Greek).

Elements of projective geometry. New edition Symmetria Publishers (2009), pp. 304 (in Greek).

Lecture notes on the differential geometry of curves and surfaces. New edition (2009), University of Athens, pp. 212 (in Greek). 

Geometry for Didactics (Lecture Notes for a graduate course). University of Athens (2012), pp.137 (in Greek).

Topics in Geometry (Corrected edition of the preceding notes, supplemented with a new chapter). University of Athens  (2015),
pp.173 (in Greek).  

Lecture Notes to download

1. Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces (undergraduate course)


2. Geometry for Didactics (graduate course)


3. Topics in Geometry (graduate course)



4. Fibre Bundles (graduate course)



5. Differential Geometry of Manifolds and Lie Groups I (undergraduate course)


6. Elements of Projective Geometry (undergraduate course)





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