Prof. H. Mavromichalaki has been the scientific responsible for a number of Greek and European funded projects. A synoptic list of the most recent projects includes:

«Monitoring catastrophic particles with the scope to avoid malfunctions at satellite communications, using the real-time neutron monitor data»
PENED 2001- GSRT 01ΕR87

«Development of a Worldwide Network of Neutron Monitors operating in real-time»
ΕΝΤΕΡ 2001- GSRT 01ΕR87

«Physics of Solar Cosmic Rays Using data from Neutron Monitors and radio-spectrographer ARTEMIS-IV»
Herakleitos- Ministry of Education

«Monitoring Space Weather using the Athens Neutron Monitor Data Processing Center»
PYTHAGORAS II - Ministry of Education

«Neutron Monitor Database (NMDB): Real - Time database for high resolution
Neutron Monitor measurements»

FP7-Grant Agreement Number 213007

«SREM Solar Particle Event Scientific Analysis»
European Space Agency (ESA)