(MBA 15)


November-December 2006


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Lecture Notes:

v      Class #1

v      For a PowerPoint presentation containing supplementary material relating to Class #1, click here.

v      Class #2

v      Class #3 Handouts:

1.       Debriefing Oil Pricing

2.     The Positive Bargaining Zone or Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)

v      Class #4

Some Tips for Success in Salary Negotiations

v      Class #5

Debriefing Sally Soprano

v      Class #6

Result Sheet: Appleton v. Baker

”Taking Care, Taking Charge” by Suzanne Fields (Washington Times, Oct. 27, 2005)

v      Class #7

Illustrative Preparation Memo for the PowerScreen Negotiation

Two Game Theorists Win the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics



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