SEPServer  Progress Meeting

Athens, march 11, 2013

Posted by A. Papaioannou

SEPServer Progress Meeting will be hosted by the National Observatory of Athens and it will take place in Athens from 18-20 September, 2013. The organization of the meeting is undertaken by O.E. Malandraki and the Heliophysics Research Group.

SEPServer project aims to facilitate the coordinated exploitation of the various datasets by developing a server providing:

  1. Access to directional fluxes and compositional data of SEPs and EM solar emissions
  2. Assessment reports
  3. Numerical Modeling Results
  4. Scientific analysis results on all the catalogued SEP events

SEPServer is a collaborative project that brings together experts from eleven European Universities and institutes. Further info can be found here.

This project has been receiving funding from the European Commission FP7 Project SEPServer (262773).