Dr. Athanasios Godelitsas
School of Science National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
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The Research Group

Current members
Dr. Evangelos Tzamos, Postdoc theme (funded by State Scholarships Foundation - IKY): Mineralogy & geochemistry of critical elements in Greece
Elena Koutoula, BSc theme: Interaction of perchlorates with Mars analogue minerals
Ioannis Efstathiadis, BSc theme: Arsenic mineralogy and geochemistry of Gozo (Malta) island
John Chatzigiakoumis, BSc theme: Mineralogy and geochemistry of selected beach, river and desert sands form Australia, India and Africa
Nick Jourdos, BSc theme: Geological and urban particles in Athens rain water and human lungs
Collaborative members
Konstantinos Moskofoglou, BSc theme: GIS applications
Dr. Roberto Buccione (University of Basilicata, Italy), PhD theme: Geochemistry of bauxites (roberto.buccione@libero.it)
Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Lopez (University of Oviedo, Spain), PhD theme: Cobalt carbonates and oxides (jgonzalez@geol.uniovi.es)
Former members
Christos Ioannou, BSc theme: Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of industrial rocks from Troodos Mt. Cyprus
Chrysanthi Nomikou, BSc theme: Mineral chemistry of LARCO GMMSA laterites
George Kyritsis, BSc theme: Microscopic and spectroscopic characterization of U, Th and Nb minerals
Electra Kotopoulou, MSc theme: Shallow-sea hydrothermal vents off Milos island. Ref: Goldschmidt2015; see also: Project Prometheus - ERC Advanced Grant
Antonios Kontofakas, MSc theme: Actinides in REE-bearing coastal sands from N. Greece
Prof. Dionysios Gasparatos, theme: Mineralogy and geochemistry of Fe-Mn nodules and concretions from Greek soils (gasparatos@aua.gr)
Dr. Platon Gamaletsos, PhD theme: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Bauxites and Red-Mud. Ref: NIMB 2011; Ref: Sci. Reports 2016; Ref: Ore Geology Reviews 2016; see also: Technical University of Denmark - Center for Electron Nanoscopy (plagka@dtu.dk)
Eirini Margariti, MSc theme: Mineral chemistry of vertebrate fossils from Sahabi, Libya (eimar@geol.uoa.gr)
Fani Papageorgiou, MSc theme: Characterization of fertilizer industry residues (phosphogypsum) in Greece. Ref: UMH VII-2014 and Ref: Env. Mon. Asses. 2016; see also: Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (fani.papageorgiou@icrag-centre.org)
Vera Katranidou, BSc theme: Fe-clays from volcanic rocks
Dr. Ioannis Tzifas, MSc theme: Actinide Mineral-Chemistry in Sedimentary Rocks of western Greece; Ref: JGE 2014; see also: Heidelberg University
Fotios Fouskas, BSc theme: Heavy Metals and Radionuclides in the Coastal Zone of Ikaria Island, Greece, see also: IUPUI Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry
Dr. Fotios-Christos Kafantaris, BSc theme: Actinide Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Attica rocks, see also: UTEP News and IUPUI Student Successes; NC State University
Dimitra Athanasiadou, BSc theme: Biominerals from the Human Body; Ref: JTEMB 2013; see also: Prof. McKee's group, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University (dimitra.athanasiadou@mail.mcgill.ca)
Dr. Konstantinos Kollias, MSc theme: Interaction of Acid Mine Water with Aluminosilicate and Carbonate Mineral Surfaces, see also: NTUA metallurgy (kkollias@metal.ntua.gr)
Vasilios Anagnostopoulos, MSc theme: Characterization of Asbestos using Laser-based Techniques (vanagnosto@geol.uoa.gr)
Dr. Emmanuel Poulakis, BSc theme: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Speleothems from Caves of central Crete, Greece, see also: FORTH-IESL/Cluster Physics and Chemistry (mpoulakis@iesl.forth.gr)
Nicolas Stamatelos-Samios, BSc theme: Metallic Lead Patination in the Atmosphere of Athens. Ref: NIMB 2011
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