Department of Linguistics

University of Athens


Antonis Botinis

I came to the University of Athens in 1991. Before that, I had studied phonetics and general linguistics at the University of Lund, Sweden, leading to my PhD in phonetics in 1989. While in Lund, I taught courses in phonetics and, following my doctoral degree, conducted postdoctoral research.

My research and teaching background is related to several Universities in Europe and the USA, including the University of Provence, France, the University of Umeå, Sweden, the University of Skövde, Sweden, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

At the University of Provence (Aix-en-Provence), France, I conducted research on discourse prosody, funded by a grant from the Swedish Institute (1989/90). During that year, I had the opportunity to work with Albert Di Cristo, Daniel Hirst and Mario Rossi on prosody. That year, I also contributed to the publication of the volume Intonation Systems, edited by Hirst and Di Cristo and published by Cambridge University Press in 1998.

At the University of Umeå, Sweden, my research focused on the perception of intonation, in collaboration with Robert Bannert (1995/96), who had been a colleague of mine since my days at the University of Lund. For several years, Robert and I had been discussing the possibility of an ESCA workshop, which led to the organization of the ESCA (now ISCA) Workshop on Intonation in 1997 in Athens, Greece.

My work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was funded by a research grant from the Fulbright Foundation (2005/06). That grant contributed to the further development of my research context and extended my collaboration with Marios Fourakis, who has, for many years now, been a collaborator of our Laboratory of Phonetics and Computational Linguistics at the University of Athens. Marios and I also worked together on the organization of the first ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics in Athens, which has been held continuously since 2006.

My ties with Sweden have strengthened since my time in Lund, especially after I started collaborating with Barbara Gawronska at the University of Skövde in 1998. Our collaboration, in addition to our joint research projects, led to the establishment of an official partnership between the University of Athens and the University of Skövde for several years through the ERASMUS education exchange program.

At the University of Athens, my research and teaching focuses on phonetics. Greek and contrastive prosody are still important research areas, along with research on segmental phonetics and phonetic systems, in general. In recent years, I have also become interested in the relation and interaction of different levels of linguistic structures and the interdisciplinary study of language. This research paradigm is reflected in my contribution to the organization of the ISCA Workshop on Experimental Linguistics from 2006 and thereafter.