Research Interests
Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry 
(a) mononuclear transition metal complexes bearing redox-active ligands
(b) dinuclear transition metal complexes featuring multiple metal-metal bonds
(c) metal oxides and carbides on porous substrates

Homogeneous Catalysis
(a) selective oxidation of organic substrates
(b) atom-transfer reactions
(c) controlled radical polymerization of olefins
(d) metathesis polymerization of alkynes and ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of cycloolefins

(a) redox chemistry of metal complexes
(b) mechanistic studies of catalytic reactions

Porous materials
(a) inorganic and hybrid inorganic/organic nanostructured materials for heterogeneous catalysis
(b) adsorption of toxic compounds and environmental remediation