Welcome to the Arithmetic Geometry Group

Research group in Mathematics Department of the University of Athens. We are focused on Number theory, Arithmetic Geometry and in particular on groups acting on algebraic curves.

We are grateful for funding from State Scholarship Foundation, IKY

and from ESPA


2. July 2020

Rivership Ο Αλέξης Τερεζάκης έλαβε υποτροφία Σταύρος Τσακυράκης», η οποία χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το πολιτικό κίνημα «ΤΟ ΠΟΤΑΜΙ» Ανακοίνωση ΕΛΚΕ.

1. April 2020

A cohomological treatise of HKG-covers with applications to the Nottingham group J. Algebra (2020) vol. 555 pg. 325-345.

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