Kostas Mylonas


in "Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology"


Department of Psychology

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Under review / in preparation (last update, October 2016)

        Inferential Statistics textbook (in Greek).

        Family Crisis or Adaptation (in Greek).

        Α Motor Creativity schedule and its relation to Creative Thinking: a longitudinal study in Greek students.

        Family values, roles, networks, and emotional bonds: A structural equation model of 27 cultures.

        Filus, Schwarz, Mylonas, Sam, & Boski. Maternal and Paternal Parenting and Late Adolescents’ Subjective Well-being in four European Countries: Mediating Effects of Individuation from Parents.

        Economou, A., Polychroni, F., Mylonas, K., & Besevegis, E. Semantic organization and verbal learning: The contributions of age, memory span, and memory ability.

        Gari, A., Mylonas, K., Antoniou, S.A.. Workaholism: its assessment and correlate measures in a Greek setting.


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