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11th Panhellenic Geometry Conference
May 31-June 2, 2013

Invited Speakers:
Scientific Committee

Charalampos Charitos (Agricultural University, Athens)

Nikolaos Kadianakis (National Technical University, Athens)

Dionysios Lappas (University of Athens)

  Head of SC:
Antonis Melas (University of Athens)

Panayiotis Stavrinos (University of Athens)
Organizing Committee

Iakovos Androulidakis (Athens)

Georgios Kaimakamis (Athens)

Kirill Mackenzie (Sheffield)
  Sergiu Vacaru (Iasi)






    - Scientific Part: Will take place on Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1 2013.  The duration of plenary lectures will be 50 minutes. Other lectures will be 20 minutes long.

    - Location: Lectures will be given in the building of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Athens (in the University Campus "Panepistimiopolis"). For the exact location of the building see here (click "School of Science" and then "Department of Mathematics")

    - Excursion: On Sunday, June 2 2013 there will be an organised visit to the archaeological site of the Acropolis (see here and/or here) and the nearby Museum of Acropolis.

      - Conference dinner: Saturday, June 1, 2013

      - Language: Lectures may be given either in English or in Greek. However, the use of English is preferred.
     - Registration: By email to a member of the organising committee. Please state your name, title, affiliation, as well as the dates of your arrival/departure. If you wish to give a lecture, please provide a title and abstract in Latex format.

* With international participation