Research activities: Topics a) Studies of point defects in semiconductors using the methods Deep-              Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) and Infrared Absorption             Spectroscopy (IR) b) Studies of lattice defects in ionic crystals using the methods of Ionic               Thermocurrents (ITC) and the Dielectric Losses (DL),           c) Studies of high-Temperature Superconductors           d) Studies of problems in classical physics especially in the fields of              Electromagnetism and Waves                    e) Studies of Implantation induced damage in Semiconductors                    f) Studies of the characteristics of Liquid-metal ion sources International Collaborations:            I have worked in England for fifteen months (University of Reading,              Dr.P.C.Banbury), and for seven months (Imperial College, Prof.R.C.           Newman), in Hungury for three months (National Academy of Science, Dr.              G. Ferenczi) and for one month in Germany (Research Institute for            Semiconductor Physics, Dr.K.Schmalz). Organization of Conferences 1) Chairman of the local committee for the organization of the nan international workshop of the CADRES programme ( Sixth European Framework program) (8-11/9/2006,Kalyves, Crete) 2) Member of the national advised committee for the organization of the XXIII Panthellenic conference in Solid state Physics and Materials Science (23-26/9/2007, Athens. Reviewer of International Journals Journal of Applied Physics  Physica B  Physica status solidi  (a),(b) and (c)  Semiconductor Science and Technology  J.Mater.Sci.Engin. (B)  J.Noncrystalline Solids  Materials Science and Engineering B  Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Citations:          Over 600 hetero-references h index : 19