A) Undegraduate Level a) Teaching of Electromagnetism b) Teaching of Wave Physics          c) Teaching of Spectroscopic methods in Solid States Physics          d) Tuition in General Physics          e) Supervision of Laboratory class in: i) General Physics, ii) Wave Physics iii) Solid State Physics, iv)Construction of Laboratory exercises, v) Co- responsible for the organization and functioning of the Laboratory of the Physics of Waves.           f) Supervision of Graduate Theses (about 50 Theses). B) Postgraduate Classes a) Electromagnetism b) Spectroscopic Methods in Solid State Physics c) Advanced Laboratory in Solid State Physics d) Supervision of MSc Theses (about 15) e) Supervision of the following PhD Theses      1) E. Valamontes (1992)         “Microanalysis of thin films in solid background. Quantitization of the          method and resolution ability”     2) E.Fytros (2000)      “Study of point defects in crystalline Si by means of IR Spectroscopy”     3) G.Antonaras (2006)        “Study of point defects in irradiated silicon subjected to high hydrostatic         pressure”     4) M.Potsidi (2007)        “Study of the effect of high hydrostatic pressure on the properties of         defects in silicon”     5) A.Andrianakis (2009)        “Study of point defects in electron irradiated Ge-doped Si”     6) E. Sgourou (2014)        “Study of point defects in Si and Si1-xGex “     7) T. Angeletos (in progress)        “Study of defects in Semiconducting and insulating materials with spectroscopic methods”