Charalampos Londos

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International Collaborations

I have worked in England for 15 months (University of Reading, Dr.P.C.Banbury), and for 7 months (Imperial College, Prof.R.C. Newman), in Hungury for 3 months (National Academy of Science, Dr.G. Ferenczi) , for more than 1 month in Germany (Research Institute for Semiconductor Physics, Dr.K.Schmalz),for  about 3 months (in total) in Poland (Institute of Electron Technology, Prof. A. Misiuk) and for more 3 months (in total) in Russia ((Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute of the Russian a cademy of Sciences, Prof. V.Emtsev)


In the last years I have common projects and collaborations with the:


i) Ioffe Physicotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (Prof. V. V. Emtsev)

ii) the Institute of Electron Technology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (Prof. A. Misiuk)

iii) the Kumamoto National College of Technology Kumamoto, Japan (Prof.H.Ohyama)

iv) Imperial College, London (U.K.) (Dr A. Chroneos)

v) Laboratoire de Simulation Atomistique (L_Sim), SP2M, INAC, CEA-UJF (Grenoble, France) (Dr P. Pochet)

vii) MEMC Electronic materials (Dr V.V. Voronkov)