INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES AND EXPERTISE OF THE RESEARCH GROUP  The IR Spectroscopy Laboratory in the Solid State Section of the Physics Department of the University of Athens was established in 1992 and has substantial infrastructure and international collaborations with the aim to investigate the structure of defects in a number of semiconductor materials. The research group has very good experience in the studies of defects and impurities in semiconductors, especially in radiation-induced defects and thermally-induced defects in Silicon. Recent investigations have focused in the study of isovalent impurities in silicon (Ge, Sn, Pb). These are issues of important technological and scientific value. The main research facilities are the following: A. OPTICAL MEASUREMENTS .  We possess two Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy equipments: 1) An IR spectrometer of dispersive kind (JASCO MODEL IR-700) operated in the spectral range (400 -2000 cm-1) with a resolution of 2 cm-1 and in the spectral range (2000 -5000 cm-1) with a resolution of 4 cm-1. The equipment is suitable for room temperature measurements. The system is equipped with: i)a variable angle specular reflectance system (P/N19715/6) for reflectance measurements and ii) a grid polarizer allowing measurements with polarized IR irradiation 2) A Fourier Transform spectrometer (FTIR) (JASCO MODEL FTIR-400 plus) operated in the spectral range (200 -5500 cm-1 ) with a resolution of 0.9 cm-1. The system has a liquid helium cryostat and is capable for measurements at 15K. B. ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS. 3) A JANDEL Resistivity unit with a multi-position four probe system capable for resistivity measurements. C. GENERAL USE .  Furthermore we possess: 4) A number of furnaces capable for controlled thermal treatments of materials in the temperature range from room temperature up to 1200 oC.