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Professor Dr. George E. Theodorou

Director of Museum of Palaeontology and Geology [link]

National Kapodistrian University of Athens

Faculty of Geology and Geoenviromment [link]
Department of Historical Geology and Palaeontology [link]
Athens 15784, Greece

Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts [link]


Office: 0030 210 727 4163
Lab: 0030 210 727 4508
Email: gtheodor [at] geol.uoa.gr

Dr. George E. Theodorou is a Professor of Palaeontology and Stratigraphy at NKUA. He is working mainly on Paleontological excavations and the study of the findings of Upper Miocene – Holocene located in open sites or caves. He has more than 135 publications in international Journals and Congresses.  He has organized more than 10 exhibitions / small museums in Greece and Cyprus. He has been elected twice General Secretary of the Speleological Federation of the European Community and he is member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg Austria. Currently he is Director of the Museum of Palaeontology and Geology of Athens University. His interests cover: Island Endemics, Upper Miocene Mammals and Pleistocene Climatic changes and Museology. He has executed more than 20 projects in which more than 5.000 student / field days have been covered in Greece and Cyprus. Full CV

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