De Vos J, Van Der Made J, Athanasiou A, Lyras G, Sondaar P, Dermitzakis MD. 2002. Preliminary note on the Late Pliocene fauna from Vatera (Lesvos, Greece). Annales Geologiques des Pays Helleniques 39: 37-70.


A preliminary description of the fossil vertebrates from six sites in the surroundings of Vateri on Lesvos is given. Characteristic elements from the richest site are: a giant turtle, Paradolichopithecus awernensis, Nyctereutes megamastoides, Meles thorali, cf. Anancus arvernensis, Equus cf. stenonis, Dama cf. rhenana, Mitilanotherium cf. inexpectatum, Gazella cf. bouvrainae, Gazella aff. borbonica and Gazellospira cf. torticomis. The other sites yielded poorer, but otherwise similar faunas, with in addition: cf. Mammuthus meridionalis, Stephanorhinus cf. etruscus and better material of Anancus awemensis. These faunas are considered to be Late Pliocene in age and comparable with the faunas of Vdax, Dafner6 and Sésklo (Greece).