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Skeletal mounts

[adding the tail on a Canidacervus skeleton]

Most fossil species remain dry scientific descriptions in papers known only to a small elite of experts. But some species attract more attention and therefore skeletal mounts and life reconstructions are made. Actually most extinct species are known to the general public (and in many cases to paleontologists of far away disciplines) as mounts or reconstructions. In Greece, despite the large amount of fossils collected and studied, no attempt was ever made to mount skeletons of extinct animals. In collaboration with Alexandra Van der Geer and John De Vos I started the mounting of skeletons with actual fossils.

The skeleton of a fossil otter from Crete.

The skeleton of Candiacervus sp.II., a
fossil deer from Crete.

The skeleton of Hippopotamus minor a
fossil hippo from Cyprus.

Museum activities

[Collections storage]

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia

Vrisa Natural History Collection

Museum of Palaeontology and Geology of the University of Athens

Greece before Greeks
In 2004 the Museum of Paleontology and Geology of the University of Athens requested the design of a new exhibition for the fossil vertebrates. The subject of the exhibition was the impact of climatological changes on the Greek faunas during the past 35 million years. The design was done together with John de Vos, Alexandra van der Geer and Bartholomeus van der Geer.

Drawings of the new exhibition by Bartholomeus Van der Geer

Posters and Cartoons

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