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Things smart people have said:

"Knowing an answer is nothing much. Testing a hypothesis is everything. That is what science is all about."


(an overstatement by Lawrence Krauss)


On this site the visitor will be able (eventually) to find material relating to the subjects of:

        Some early examples:

Drawing structures in a simple 2D editor. Import/export of data (smiles, java strings, molfiles). GO TO APPLET

Viewing interactive 3D Molecular Models using the Jmol applet. Animation of SN1 solvolysis mechanism. SHOW

Drawing-Viewing-Manipulating molecules in 2D and 3D with no need for Java or Java-plugins. Webeditor. LINK TO DEMO

Constructing molecular views with MarvinSketch. Platform compatible Java edition is required. GO TO APPLET

<AVOGADRO>. Free standalone application for creating and manipulating 3D Molecular models.(Java). GO TO SITE               Θα διατίθεται σύντομα και σε Ελληνική μετάφραση

Διαδραστικές ασκήσεις Στερεοχημείας: π.χ.  Ασκηση 22 , 10 , 20

Στερεοχημεια και φάσμα HNMR: π.χ.      Ασκηση 1Ασκηση 2

Δομή και δραστικότητα,Μηχανισμοί αντιδράσεων.  Ασκηση  

Ασκήσεις Φασματοσκοπίας  (NMR-IR-MS) : Ασκηση 30

An interesting question:  Do you see the Jmol models rotating  clockwise or counterclockwise?

JspecView . Java based application for the interactive visualization of spectra: NMR , MS, UV, IR. Example : N-ethylaniline  (για Internet Explorer)



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