short curriculum vitae

Date/Place of Birth: 9 February 1945, Athens.

Marital Status:Married to  Maria Papatriantafillou. Father of one child.

Nationality: Greek.

Private Address: 24 Aristarchou Str., Argyroupolis, 164 51 Athens, Greece.

Positions held
Associate Professor (1988 - current).
Assistant Professor (1976 - 1988).

B.Sc. (Mathematics) 1968, University of Athens.
Ph.D. (Mathematics) 1973, University of Athens.
Dozent (Differential Geometry),University of Athens.

Areas of Research Interest
Differential Geometry, Global Analysis, Abstract Differential Geometry.

Visiting Positions
Matematisk Institut, Aarhus University (1st semester 1976, 1st semester 1977).
Universite Paris XII (1979 - 80).
University of Cambridge (1991 - 92).

Studies Abroad
Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Leeds (1972-73), under the auspices
of the British Council.

Summer Courses
Corso Estivo di Matematica, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (XIII-IX/1971).
Representations of Lie Groups and Harmonic Analysis, University of Liege (IX/1977).
Summer Seminar on Complex Analysis, ICTP - Trieste (XIII/1980).
Summer Workshop on Fibre Bundles and Geometry, ICTP - Trieste (XIII/1982).

Invited talks
Department of Mathematics,University of Ioannina (November 1981).
2nd Mathematics Day, University of Athens (December 1987).
Differential Geometry Day, University of Leeds (March 1992).
2nd Differential Geometry Day, University of Patras (December 1995).
Institute of Mathematics, University Maria Curie - Sklodowska, Lublin (June 1997).
Department of Mathematics, University of Timisoara (October 1997).

Member of Scientific Societies
American Mathematical Society
London Mathematical Society
Societe Mathematique de France
Balkan Society of Geometers

Editorial Activities
Member of the Board Committee of
Balkan Journal of Geometry and its Applications

Editor of :
Bulletin of the Greek Mathematical Society
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences  (IJPAMS)
Global Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (GJMS)

Reviewer of
Mathematical Reviews
Zentralblatt für Mathematik

Courses taught
Differential geometry of Curves and Surfaces (undergraduate).
Theory of Manifolds and Lie Groups (undergraduate).
Riemannian Geometry (undergraduate).
Projective Geometry (undergraduate).
Affine Geometry (undergraduate).
Theory of Connections on Fibre Bundles (graduate).
From Euclid to Riemann: An overview of the development of Geometry

Seminars (selected list)
Connections on infinite-dimensional fibre bundles.
Total differential equations.
A geometric approach to Floquet-Liapunov theorem.
Geometry of vector and principal sheaves.

Foreign Languages
English and French. Elementary knowledge of German and Russian.

Other activities
Referee of articles for various journals.
Supervisor of Ph.D and Master's theses.
Recipient of research grants confered by the University of Athens.

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