Recent Papers

Voudouris P. & Katerinopoulos Α. (2004). New occurrences of mineral megacrysts in tertiary magmatic-hydrothermal and epithermal environments in Greece. Doc. Natur. 151, 1-21.

Voudouris P. & Katerinopoulos A. & Melfos V. (2004). Alpine type fissure minerals in Greece. Doc. Natur. 151, 23-45.

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Katerinopoulos A. (2008). Variscan basic dykes in the Pelagonian (Northern Greece and South FYROM): Geodynamic significance based on petrological, geochemical and geochronological studies. Chemie der Erde Geochemistry, 68, 93-103.

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Katerinopoulou A., Katerinopoulos A., Voudourιs P., Bieniok A., Musso M., & Amthauer G. (2009).  A multi-analytical study of the crystal structure of unusual Ti-Zr-Cr-rich andradite from the Maronia skarn, Rhodope massif, western Thrace, Greece. Miner. Petr. Volume 95, Numbers 1-2, 113-124

Siidra, O.I.; Krivovichev, S.V.; Chukanov, N.V.; Pekov, I.V.; Magganas, A.; Katerinopoulos, A.; Voudouris, P. (2011) The crystal structure of Pb5(As3+O3)Cl7 from the historic slags of Lavrion, Greece - a novel Pb(II) chloride arsenite. Min. Mag., 75, 2, 2011, pp. 337-345.
V. Pekov, N.V. Chukanov, A. E. Zadov, P. Voudouris, A. Magganas, A. Katerinopoulos (2011) Agardite-(Nd) NdCu6(AsO4)3(OH)63HO from the Hilarion Mine, Lavrion, Greece: Mineral description and chemical relations with other members of the agardite zalesiite solid-solution system Journal of Geosciences, 56/3 ;

V. Pekov, N.V. Chukanov, A.G. Turchkova, V.O. Yapaskurt, V.S. Rusakov1, D.I. Belakovskiy, P. Voudouris, A. Katerinopoulos, A. Magganas. (2011) A kankite-like arsenate-sulphate mineral from the oxidized ores of Lavrion, Greece Abstract // VI Mineral Diversity Research and Preservation;, Sofia.

Pekov, I.V., Chukanov, N.V., Yapaskurt, V.O., Rusakov, V.S., Belakovskiy, D.I., Turchkova, A.G., Voudouris, P., Katerinopoulos, A. and Magganas, A. (2012) Hilarionite, IMA 2011-089. CNMNC Newsletter No. 12, February 2012, page 154; Mineralogical Magazine, 76, 151155.

Books (in Greek):

Systematic Mineralogy (1992) Applied Mineralogy-Industrial Minerals (1994)

Theophrastus “On Stones” (1993) (Translation to modern Greek)

The world of minerals (2007) Book (in Greek and English) Minerals of the Lavrion mines (1994)