Lectures (3 hours per week): Practicals (4 hours per week):7 credit units
Content: Natural characteristics of the minerals (color, luster, hardness). Chemical composition, structure and chemical characteristics of the minerals (chemical bonds, isomorphism, polymorphism, pseudomorphism), Formation and growth of minerals, structure deficiencies. Paragenesis of minerals.
Calculation of the structural formula of a mineral from the chemical analysis.
Description of minerals: Natural elements, sulfides, oxides-hydroxides, carbonates, phosphates, silicates.
Mineral diagnostics and determination under the microscope.


Lectures (2 hours per week): Practicals (2 hours per week):4 credit units
Content: Industrial uses of minerals and rocks (Structural and decorative stones, ceramics and refractory materials, fertilizers, isolating materials, precious stones, cements and plaster, glass, pigments, additives).
Industrial Minerals and rocks (diamond, alunite, asbestos, carbonate rocks, feldspars, bauxite, zeolites, cyanite, magnesite, micas, olivine, perlite, emery, fluorite, quartz, talk).